Yearly Archives: 2015

The government of Poland inaugurated a new monument in memory of the tens of thousands of forgotten victims of the Gusen concentration camps on May 9, 2015 in front of todays entrance into the “Bergkristall” tunnels.

The monument was inaugurated in the presence of ambassador Artur Lorkowski, consul general Andrzej Kaczorowski, and honorary consul Christian Hofer by the two Polish ministers Andrzej Kunert and Maciej Klimczak who came directly from Polands capital Warsaw.

The Community of St. Georgen was represented by mayor Erich Wahl and vice-mayor Franz Haslinger. Shameful was that not one single representative of the provincial government or of the Austrian government attended to honor the 44.000 victims of the former KZ Gusen complex.

Along with this inauguration we also mourned the former Polish foreign secretary Wladyslaw Bartoszewski who passed away a few days before this inauguration. Secretary Bartoszewski was not only one of the most important figures for Polish-German reconcilliation. He also played a key role in bringing the visitor center at Gusen into reality in 2004.

The new Polish monument is the first in a row of more monuments in a new “park of silence” that will prepare visitors to tours in the new underground “Bergkristall” memorial at St. Georgen/Gusen in the future.

We hope that many other nations will take their opportunity to inaugurate further monuments at this very Special location of former concentration camp Gusen II.


The Johann Gruber Association offers a comprehensive box with educational material about the former KZ Gusen concentration camps and the awareness-region St. Georgen-Gusen-Mauthausen since early February 2015. This DENK.STATT Box is intended to support teachers in the Mauthausen-Gusen specific Holocaust education of students older than fourteen years. Furthermore it should support educational projects with youngsters that have already left secondary school or Projects in adult´s education. The box is available for rent at:

  • Medienverleih der Diözese Linz, E-Mail:
  • Education Group Linz, E-Mail:
  • Municipality of St. Georgen/Gusen:

Questions about this new educational tool can be addressed to Mr. Herrn Bernhard Mühleder via E-Mail: or phone: ++43 699 8171 8875.


The Gusen Memorial Committe sponsored a new showcase in the small St. Georgen Heritage Museum (Heimathaus) to present artifacts that were found inside the former “Bergkristall” underground plant to a broader public. Most of these artifacts were donated by Mr. Robert Bouchal to the St. Georgen Heritage Museum in 2013.

The “Heimathaus” St. Georgen shows many artifacts and documents related to the former “Bergkristall” underground plant of KZ Gusen II concentration camp at St. Georgen/Gusen. Custodian Franz Walzer even built a 3D plastic model of this huge underground plant that is on display in this tiny town museum too

The museum will be opened upon request. Visits can be arranged by calling Mr. Peter Vogtenhuber at ++43 7237 3496.