Monthly Archives: January 2017

Newly found remnants of former Concentration Camp Gusen I were declared “Monument of the Month” in January 2017 by the Austrian Federal Authority for Monumental Protection (Bundesdenkmalamt – BDA) in Vienna.

Explorations of autumn 2016 have revealed the pavement of the former roll call square and the foundations of the former prisoners´ kitchen 57 meters long and 15 m wide. Furthermore a 6 meter high and very monumental supporting wall was explored in a 35 meter long section.

Gusen I was the second big concentration camp of the former Mauthausen-Gusen twin complex for which the SS bought land already in May 1938. Concentration camp inmates started work at Gusen also already in 1938. More than 1/3 of all concentration camp victims on Austrain soil refer to the former KZ Gusen system of concentration camps.

See also: Austrian Federal Authority for Monumental Protection