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In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the former Gusen concentration camp complex, the Austrian research platform ADDENDUM.ORG published the results of an extensive study on the “forgotten Gusen complex of concentration camps” in May 2020 in German language, which was carried out under the leadership of David Freudenthaler and Michael Mayrhofer.

In the course of this research project, five podcasts worth listening to were created, which shed light on different aspects of the forgotten former Gusen concentration camp complex and contain unique interviews with residents and proprietors in Gusen, as well as activists of the Gusen Memorial Committee (, who for decades have been engaged for adequately remembering the more than 40,000 victims of what was once the largest but forgotten concentration camp complex on Austrian territory.

The research results as well as the podcasts are accessible on a separate ADDENDUM.ORG website under the title “Das vergessene KZ Gusen (The Forgotten Gusen Concentration Camp)”.


Raimund Löw moderated a high-quality discussion on May 14, 2020 on the Viennese FALTER Radio under the headline “Warum das KZ Gusen vergessen wurde (Why Concentration Camp Gusen was forgotten)”, with Martha Gammer (president of the Gusen Memorial Committee), Bertrand Perz (historian of the University of Vienna), David Freudenthaler (journalist for Austrian research platform Addendum), Martin Engelberg (MP for the ruling conservative party), and Barbara Tóth (journalist of the FALTER magazine).

For the first time, a public discussion of experts reflected publicly on the question of how the Second Republic of Austria displaced Mauthausen’s largest “subcamp” in Gusen – a set of concentration camps that was significantly larger than the Mauthausen main camp itself and whose number of victims significantly exceeded that in Mauthausen.

The expert panel can be viewed on YouTube (in German language)
or can be heard directly on the FALTER Radio (in German language)

Please listen also to the following programs that FALTER Radio has made available with David Freudenthaler and Michael Mayrhofer from the Addendum research platform in German language on the forgotten Gusen complex of concentration camps in the last days:

# 321: Das vergessene Konzentrationslager (I) – The Forgotten Concentration Camp (I)

#326: Das vergessene Konzentrationslager (II) – The Forgotten Concentration Camp (II)


The “Klingende Landkarte (Sounding Map)” of the Bayerische Volkshochschulverband (Bavarian Adult Education Association) was expanded in March 2020 as part of project “Hörpfade binational – Leben mit NS-Geschichte (Binational Listening Paths – Living with Nazi Past)” by nine podcasts in German language about the former St. Georgen-Gusen-Mauthausen concentration camp complex.

The specific part of this very specials sounding map can be found here. The individual podscasts can also be accessed via the Cultural Broadcasting Archive (CBA).

23 participants from the regions Dachau (Germany) and Mauthausen-Gusen-St. Georgen (Austria) created these podcasts under professional coaching by Judith Schönicke and Bernhard Jugel (Bayerischer Rundfunk – Bavarian Broadcasting) as well as Michael Diesenreither and Rosvita Kröll (Radio FRO) and produced them in the studios of Radio FRO (Linz/Austria) and of ORF-Oberösterreich (Austrian Broadcasting Upper Austria).

The podcasts on Dachau, which were created as part of the project already in 2019, can also be downloaded from that “sounding map”.