Contemporary sculptural art about KZ Gusen was provided by:

  • Ingrid Steininger, Langenstein: This local Artist that lived in the Wienergraben-Valley at Langenstein (where one of the first KZ Mauthausen-Gusen quarries was operated) designed the sculptures for the local-international commemorational service of 7 May 1995 at the Parish-Church of St. Georgen an der Gusen.Ingrid Steiniger used scrapped iron and concrete (from the removal of the KZ Gusen “Bergkristall” underground railway station) for the creation of a special commemorative-altar.Furthermore, she created a cross made up of original rails from the KZ Gusen Camps.Several pieces left by the dismantling of the “Bergkristall” underground installation were also brought to this altar by representatives of the local population.The artwork is possessed by the Roman-Catholic Parish of St. Georgen/Gusen that uses it for commemorational services from time to time.
  • Meisterklasse Prof. Alfred Hrdlicka (Academy of Applied Arts, Vienna, Meisterklasse fuer Bildhauerei): In 1994 young students from all over Europe started working on concepts for a future commemoration path between the KZ Gusen II “Bergkristall” Tunnels at St. Georgen and the KZ Gusen Memorial at Gusen. This KZ Gusen Commemoration-Path project was initiated by the local community of St. Georgen an der Gusen, Austria and was supervised by Wolfgang Bandion of the Austrian Mauthausen Society. First theoretical concepts were presented to the Community of St. Georgen/Gusen in the presence of KZ Gusen survivors on 5 May 1996. One further discussion among KZ Mauthausen-Gusen survivors was held at the official meeting of the International Mauthausen Comittee at Bratislava, Slovakia in September 1996, where the Comittee decided to support that project. One presentation of detailled concepts took place on 5 May 1997 at the Municipality of St. Georgen/Gusen for the local population and on 7 May 1997 for the members of the International Mauthausen Comittee at the KZ Mauthausen Memorial Museum. Unfortunately, none of the projects was carried out until today due to the lack of funds.Should you be interested in funding/supporting one of that projects, please don´t hesitate to contact Mr. Rudolf Lehner of the Municipality of St. Georgen/Gusen for further details.
  • Studio BBPR, Milano: This famous Italian architectural studio provided the design of the KZ Gusen Memorial in the early 60-ties by its leading architect Ludovico Barbiano di Belgioioso on private initiative of Comité International du Souvenir du Camp de Gusen. Today it is the the most important memorial building on the territory of the Republic of Austria. With 3 May 1997 ownership was officially transferred from Comité International du Souvenier du Camp de Gusen to the Republic of Austria.
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