Remy Gillis

Remy Gillis came to KZ Gusen I in 1943. In March 1944 he composed the music of “Chant d´ Espoir” (Song of Hope) to the words of Jean Cayrol at KZ Gusen I.

Gracjan (Jasio) Guzinski

In 1942 Grajzan (Jasio) Guszinsky composed “Marsz b. Wiezniow Politycznych” (The March of the Political Prisoners) to the words of his comrad Konstanty Cwierk (+1944) at KZ Gusen Concentration Camp.

Guzinski also wrote the music for “Golgotha” (a prison song) by Konstanty Cwierk at KZ Gusen Concentration Camp.

Furthermore he composed the music for the following known pieces:

  • Pchla (a Humoristic Song, 1943, text by Klemens Lebensart)
  • Mazur obozowy (a Concentration Camp Dance 1944, text by Klemens Lebensart)
  • W bratnim szeregu (March)
  • Juz przebrzmial grom (1943)
  • Wspommiemie o Wolmsa (1943, text by Klemens Lebensart)
  • Gdy nad Gusen (1943, text by Zdrislaw Wroblewski)

An International Concentration Camp Hymn

According to “Songs from the Depths of Hell” by Aleksander Kulisiewicz, at the end of 1944 an attempt was made by prisoners in KZ Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp to write an international concentration camp hymn. The song mentions KZ Gusen and the names of many camps and was intended to show the how vast was the scheme and scope of the SS system of slavery …

The audio-cassette “Songs from the Depth of Hell” with this hymn can be ordered via Smithsonian Folkways (simply enter “Kulisiewicz” to find “Songs from the Depth of Hell” ) at Washington, D.C.

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