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Interested people and local residents have the opportunity to tell their stories and experiences about the huge “Bergkristall” tunnels in St. Georgen of former Concentration Camp Gusen II or to ask any questions about the underworld of St. Georgen/Gusen.


Guided tours into the remaining tunnels of KZ Gusen II “Bergkristall” at St. Georgen/Gusen are available upon prior reservation the whole day Long. For reservations see phone number below.


The provincial government of Upper Austria finally approved the joint agreement between the communities of Sankt Georgen an der Gusen, Langenstein, and Mauthausen to form the new community association “Bewusstseinsregion [Awareness Region] Mauthausen-Gusen-St. Georgen after prolonged examination with Upper Austrian regulation LGBl. No. 127/2015 of September 30, 2015.

This inter-municipal cooperation should promote this region that was affected the most by the crimes of national socialism in order to develop and ensure a forward looking commemoration in the widest possible sections of its population that helps to come to terms with this past.

The idea to create that awareness region was developed in the last years in connection with the yearlong endeavors to reach proper monumental protection for the many architectural remains of the former concentration camp complex St. Georgen-Gusen-Mauthausen in the three communities and should contribute to a sustainable humanization of society and to a critical and watchful awareness of the population in this historically significant region.