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Due to the worldwide pandemic, the international commemoration for the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the former Gusen complex of concentration camps will take place online this year.

Details can be found on a special page for the 2020 commemoration at Gusen.


This year´s commemoration will be under the motto “Never a Number – always a Human Being!”

Guided tours to the “Bergkristall” underground memorial are possible on 2-4 May, 2019 after registration at


The movie “JACOPO” by Angela Huemer will be screened along with the regional film festival “Der neue Heimatfilm” this summer in Katsdorf, Austria too. The movie deals with remembering two men of an Italian family. One Jacopo that was murdered in March 1945 at KZ Gusen and the other one died along with a fishing accident at the Island of Linosa in the southern Mediterranean Sea. The movie reflects the importants of remembering. It combines relevant activities by ANED in Voghera, Italy, the Gusen Memorial Committee (GMC) at St. Georgen-Gusen-Mauthausen, in Austria, and the residents of Linosa in the southern Mediterranean Sea. It is a trans-European documentary that links locations in the Muehlviertel, Italy, and the Mediterranean Sea with the destiny of two men named Jacopo of one Italian family.