Honorary Members

Honorary Membership of the Gusen Memorial Committee (GMC) is awarded to persons for continuous dedicated support and active contribution in helping to bring the murder of tens of thousands of forgotten inmates of the former KZ Gusen I, II & III Concentration Camps to the attention of a wider public and to keep the memory of the victims alive.

Honorary Members
New honorary members of the GMC with their certificates of appointment at the international commemoration at KZ Gusen in 2008 (from left to right: Mr. Dusan Stefancic, Mr. Paul Brusson, Mrs. Jan-Ruth Mills, Mr. Nedo Nencioni, Mr. Angelo Ratti, and Mr. Vincent Mahler)

Honorary Members of the Gusen Memorial Committee (GMC) are:

  • Dr. Maximilian AICHERN, Former Roman Catholic Bishop of Linz, Austria
  • Ms. Ionna BIFFI, Daughter of Victim, Italy
  • + Mr. Paul BRUSSON, Survivor, Belgium
  • + S/Sgt. Rtd. Raymond S. BUCH, Liberator, U.S.A.
  • + Mr. Josef CHENDLIK, Survivor, United Kingdom
  • + Mr. Jean COURCIER, Survivor, France
  • + Mr. Pierre Serge CHOUMOFF, Survivor, France
  • + Mr. Jean GAVARD, Survivor, France
  • Mr. Reinhard HANAUSCH, Researcher and Antiquarian, Germany
  • Ms. Mary HUISMAN, Researcher, The Netherlands
  • + Mr. Ernst HUTSTEINER, Former Mayor of Langenstein, Austria
  • Mr. Andrzej KACZOROWSKI, Former Consul General of Poland in Austria, Poland
  • + Dr. Stanislaw KOPROWSKI, Survivor, Poland
  • Mr. Lars LABITZKE, Researcher, Germany
  • + Dr. hab. Stanislaw LESZCSYNSKI, Survivor, Poland
  • H.E. Prof. Dr. habil. Irena LIPOWICZ, Former Ambassador to Austria, Poland
  • + Mr. Karl LITTNER, Survivor, U.S.A.
  • H.E.  Mag. Artur LORKOWSKI, Former Ambassador to Austria, Poland
  • Mr. Vincent MAHLER, Liberator, U.S.A
  • Ms. Jan-Ruth MILLS, Researcher, U.S.A.
  • + Mr. Jean MONIN, Survivor, France
  • + Mr. Nedo NENCIONI, Survivor, Italy
  • Ms. Angela ORTHNER, President of the Upper Austrian Provincial Council, Austria
  • Mr. Leszek POLKOWSKI, Survivor, Poland
  • + Mr. Angelo RATTI, Survivor, Italy
  • + Mr. Eugeniusz SLIWINSKI, Survivor, Poland
  • Mr. Dusan STEFANCIC, Survivor and President of the International Mauthausen Committee, Slovenia
  • Mr. Wojcech TOPOLEWSKI, Survivor, Poland
  • Mr. Gunther TRUEBSWASSER, Politician, Austria
  • + Mr. Giuseppe VALOTA, Researcher, Italy
  • + Mr. Jerzy WANDEL, Survivor, Austria
  • Ms. Joanna ZIEMSKA, Lector, Austria