Local-International Commemorations

Kein Titel
Among the participants of the KZ Gusen Commemoration 1995 were Mr. Lee Hens (US-Liberator) and Mr. Jean Gavard (Amicale Fancaise de Mauthausen)

Local-International commemorations are organized by the Gusen Memorial Committee (GMC) since 1995 and take place in general in front of the KZ Gusen Memorial on Saturday evenings of the first or second weekend in May each year.

Several thousand people from all around the globe assemble at these commemorations at Gusen each year to honor the 40,000 victims of the KZ Gusen I, II & III concentration camps together with people from the population living today in the area of this big former concentration camp complex.

Groups from different nations cooperate in this commemorations regardless of religion, political- or sexual orientation. Thus, a growing worldwide familiy that commemorates together can experienced at the KZ Gusen commemorations each year.

Normally, the KZ Gusen commemoration is supplemented by additional programs like tours in the huge underground plant of KZ Gusen II (Bergkristall) or the commemoration at Camp Mauthausen on the next day.

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