New Virtual Guide to former KL Gusen Complex available!

May 11th, 2021 Virtual Guide KL Gusen 2021
Since May 11, 2021 the Mauthausen Memorial provides a new and comprehensive virtual guide app that offers deep insight into the former KL Gusen I, II & III complex of concentration camps and the St. Georgen infrastructure elements for the whole former KL Mauthausen-Gusen complex or todays Mauthausen-Gusen St. Georgen Region of Awareness.
It is the ideal instrument to prepare for a visit or to explore this biggest former concentration camp complex on Austrian territory.
Three different layers allow to focus on

  • Remaining historical traces
  • Postwar KL Gusen related memorials
  • Useful infrastructure for visitors (e.g. exhibitions, toilets)
It was designed also with full support and contribution by GMC members Bernhard Mühleder and Rudolf A. Haunschmied.
This new app can be used on your PC or your mobile phone on site!
Access this site simply via the following URL: or install it to your mobile phone.