Gusen II – Leidensweg in 50 Stationen

Bernard Aldebert, Gusen II

Bernard Aldebert´s illustrated book about KZ Gusen II.

This book about the Mauthausen-GUSEN II (Bergkristall) concentration camp, first published in 1946, was made available in a limited (2nd) German-French edition in autumn 1997 by the

courtesy of

  • the family of Bernard Aldebert, and
  • and Mr. Pierre Serge Choumoff, Amicale Francaise de Mauthausen, Paris

This first German edition of the French original with many illustrations contains the personal impressions the young French journalist Bernard Aldebert had when being deported to the “Hell of Hells” in the KZ Gusen II (Bergkristall) underground installations of the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp complex.

Texts and drawings give an excellent insight into the extremely bad conditions of this most brutal concentration camp site where thousands of Jewish people (even from KZ Auschwitz) died, too.

Because of the numerous drawings, this book is also of great interest to people who do not understand French or German and to people looking for didactic material to demonstrate Deportation, Holocaust, and Shoah.

Rabbi Rav Yechezkel Harfenes (after being sent back from Gusen II to Auschwitz) wrote about this camp in his book “BeKaf HaKela” (Slingshot of Hell):

“As a resident of many camps, I can say that Guzen was the worst. This is not to say that the conditions at the other camps were not dreadful. Compared to Guzen, however, one might almost say that those camps were paradises. The proof of this might be that Guzen was one of the least known camps. This was not because it was smaller than the others – it might even have been the largest. It was unknown simply because very few of the tens of thousand of prisoners sent there remained alive to tell the story of its horrors.” (Targum Press, Southfield Michigan, 1988).


Hoelzl, Aldebert: GUSEN II – Leidensweg in 50 Stationen
/ Chemin de Croix en 50 Stations

ISBN 3 85252 145 9
250 pages ill.
French & German language

About the authors:


  • 1909 born in Saint Etienne, France
  • Studies at a French Academy of Fine Arts
  • Cartoonist for Journal “Ric et Rac”
  • 1939 Foundation of Journal “La Dent de Lyon”
  • 1943 imprisonment by GeStaPo and Deportation via
  • Compiegne, KZ Buchenwald, KZ Mauthausen, KZ Gusen I to KZ Gusen II (Bergkristall-Esche II underground plant)
  • 1945 Liberation and return to France
  • 1946 1st Publication of “Chemin de Croix en 50 Stations”
  • 1974 Bernard Aldebert died at the age of 65


  • 1971 born in Linz, Austria
  • Studies at the University of Salzburg, Austria
  • 1996 Translation of Aldebert´s text into German
  • 1996 Honorary Award of Austrian Ministry for Arts and Sciences
  • 1997 Combined publication of Aldebert´s text in German and French
  • 1998 Working for Michel de Montaigne University, Bordeaux, France


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