About us

The Gusen Memorial Committee (GMC) is a registered Austrian association (Reg. No. 956593891) that is dedicated to:

Apple for Survivor
KZ Gusen survivor at Local-International Commemoration 2013. 
  • the advancement of science-based research and the didactical mediating of the history of the former national socialist concentration camp complex St. Georgen-Gusen-Mauthausen.
  • the advancement of the perpetuation of the remembrance of the tens of thousands of victims of the former KZ Gusen I. II & III concentration camps.
  • the Support of KZ Gusen survivors in need.

Thus, typical activities of the GMC are:

  • care for survivors and liberators, and their relatives, and other groups of visitors.
  • support and care to relevant research work and projects.
  • collection and provision of archival material.
  • historical research in archives.
  • editing of publications.
  • guiding tours (to the remnants of the former KZ Gusen concentration camps).
  • organization of commemorations at KZ Gusen remnants.
  • organization of discussions and informative meetings.
  • social Meetings.
  • participation in specific conferences
  • support of GMC members to fund the activities mentioned above.

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As Austrian NGO we are proud on the following international awards and official acknowledgements for our decades of research and remembrance work on the former KL Gusen complex of concentration camps: