Master Plan for the Expansion of the KL Gusen Memorials Presented

October 12th, 2023 Presentation of Master Plan Gusen by mayor Aufreiter (Langenstein), director Glück, minister Karner, president Dockendorf, and mayor Derntl (St. Georgen). Photo credit: BMI, Jürgen Makowecz

On October 12, 2023, Austrian Minister of the Interior, Gerhard Karner, presented the master plan for the expansion of the KL Gusen memorials in the presence of the chairman of the International Mauthausen Committee (CIM), Guy Dockendorf, the mayors of the affected municipalities of St. Georgen an der Gusen and Langenstein, Andreas Derntl and Christian Aufreiter, as well as the director of the Mauthausen Memorial, Barbara Glück, in Vienna.

This master plan is the result of a participation process that lasted almost two years, in which various national and international stakeholders worked together under professional leadership to coordinate the requirements for the future memorial concept.

The master plan will now be the basis for further detailled planning in order to implement the various measures over the next eight years gradually.

As a basis for this, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Austria, decided to make the necessary funds available at its 73rd meeting on October 11, 2023 at the request of Federal Chancellor Karl Nehammer, Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler and Federal Minister of the Interior Gerhard Karner.

Download the final report of the participation process and the master plan here (German or English language).

Download the official press release of the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior here (German language).