Radio Show Dedicated to the Gusen Memorial Committee (GMC)

August 25th, 2023 R. Haunschmied, M. Gammer, and B. Mühleder

Freies Radio Freistadt on 107.1 / 103.1 or 88.4 MHz dedicated the August broadcast in the series „Spuren der Erinnerung" [Traces of Memory] to the decades-long research and commemorative efforts of the Gusen Memorial Committee (GMC) for the former KL Gusen complex of concentration camps as well as the new book of the GMC by Jerzy Osuchowski with the title "GUSEN - Vorhof zur Hölle" [GUSEN -Antechamber of Hell].

Board members Martha Gammer, Prof. Rudolf Haunschmied, and Bernhard Mühleder informed in about 60 minutes about the last 38 years of tireless commitment to basic research, remembrance and achieved milestones in the field of remembrance politics at the former KL Gusen complex of concentration camps, to which many other committed personalities have also made essential contributions over the decades too. These were also remembered with gratitude in this broadcast.

In the second part of the radio show, Prof. Rudolf Haunschmied also presented the new book with Jerzy Osuchowski's harrowing memories on the former KL Gusen complex of concentration camps, and the three board members read excerpts from this important account which was made available for the German-speaking world for the first time by the GMC in March 2023.

The radio broadcast can be listened to at any time in German as podcast in the cba online archive.